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The Build it Better Process

Want to learn more about working with MRVN? You've come to the right place. Our Build it Better process is designed to help you build your better, healthier building. 

Still have questions? Contact MRVN to schedule a design consultation.

Build it Better - 8 Steps Towards Building a Healthier Building

1 / Contact

Contact MRVN to scheduled an Initial Discussion. In this quick, zero commitment discussion we'll talk about the problem that you're facing with your building project and how MRVN can help you solve it.

2 / The DDC

The Detailed Design Consultation (DDC) is our first in person meeting. In this 1-hour session, we'll get into some of the specific goals that you have for your project and the challenges and opportunities you're dealing with, as well as schedule and budget. 

3 / Proposal

MRVN will develop a detailed proposal for design services. We'll outline a detailed scope of work, a schedule for completing your design, and a fixed fee for our design work. This simple to understand proposal allows you to understand exactly what you the plan is for getting you your healthy building. 

4 / Schematics

Now the fun starts. MRVN will work with you closely to develop the general layout for your project. We sketch, draw, model, and iterate through multiple ideas together to identify the design that works for you. 

5 / Detailing

Now that we know the right layout for your project, let's start refining the design. MRVN collaborates with you to identify materials, finishes, fixtures, and all the other details that turn a basic plan into a real design. Best of all, we'll develop digital models of the design that will allow you to really visualize and understand the project before anyone swings a hammer on the jobsite. 

6 / Pricing

Even the best design isn't any good if it doesn't meet your budget targets. MRVN works with you to obtain pricing from our experienced and skilled network of builders. You're going to be working with your contractor for a while - let's make sure that person is a fit for you and your project. 

7 / Documentation

We have a design. We've know the materials. We know who's going to built it and what it will cost. Now let's put together the detailed instructions for how it all goes together. MRVN will work with you and your contractor to compile detailed drawings, specifications, and project schedules for how to transform the design into reality.  

8 / Building

Time to build. MRVN works with your contractor to obtain required building permits and construction starts on the project. We're with you 100% of the way, assisting you in managing the construction by answering contractor questions, interpreting the construction documents, reviewing progress, and coordinating any last-minute product, material, and color changes. We keep the construction process running smooth so you can rest easy and know that you're getting the better, healthier project that you've always wanted. 

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