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NB Residence

Maplewood, NJ, USA

Project Description

Better connectivity does not equal open floor plan. Open floor plan does not equal better connectivity. Our client purchased this existing home in Maplewood, NJ and connected with MRVN to solve its problems of a dated and divided layout… actually, to say the original layout was divided was an understatement. Doorways between the Living Room and Dining Room were undersized. The Family Room was located in a small rear space (later discovered to be an enclosed and uninsulated Sun Porch). The Kitchen was walled off from the adjacent spaces and accessed through a small hallway and undersized doorways. Something needed to change. MRVN redesigned the first-floor layout to remove non-bearing partitions and open up the congested spaces and increase the efficiency of the floorplan. A new, larger modern Kitchen was designed, complete with new glass doors to access a refurbished rear deck and outdoor Kitchen. The undersized Family Room became a custom mudroom and laundry space. The original Dining Room became a new Family Room and the original Living Room was reworked to create a Dining Area and formal Sitting Space around a new fireplace. On the second floor, the Primary Bedroom was reconfigured to create a new Walk-in-Closet and the Primary Bathroom was renovated to create a new space complete with double sink, custom glass shower, and private water closet. Total new floor area added: 0 SF. Total change in the feel of the home: 110%.

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