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Do you have a building that doesn't work? 

MRVN can help you build a better, healthier building. 

We're architects that believe in a world where all people have happy, healthy, sustainable places to live and work. 

Let us help you. 

What does MRVN Architect?

From family homes to multi-million dollar developments, MRVN has a proven record of creatively and efficiently solving our clients design problems. We want to solve yours.

Private Homes

Your home should be a beautiful place of peace and enjoyment that you are proud of. Your healthy home should allow you to relax, recharge, and feel ready to take on each day and live your best life.

Multi-Family Developments

MRVN works with investors and developers to create outstanding, healthy, sustainable multi-family housing developments. We create the places that are home to communities.


MRVN collaborates with commercial property owners, developers, and business owners to create spaces for businesses to innovate and excel. Offices, retail, restaurants, and more. We can help you build a space that's worthy of your brand.

Why work with MRVN?

It doesn't matter ​who you are: a construction project can become an expensive and stressful undertaking if not well planned. 

MRVN can help you plan your healthy building project right.

MRVN has developed our Build it Better process to make planning your project quick, easy, enjoyable, and rewarding. 

Expert Guidance

Throughout your entire project, you’ll have a dedicated architect partner with years for experience in architecture, engineering, and construction to help you make important design decisions. 

Detail Oriented Design

We identify, design, and document all the little things that make your project special so your contractor can easily and quickly make your project a reality, preventing delays before they occur. 


We use immersive design tools that allow you to see your project in three dimensions virtually before construction starts. Technology, applied, so you can see and understand your investment. 

The Plan for Building Your Better Building. 

1 / Plan.

Using our Build it Better process, we work with you to develop an eight step Project Plan for the design and construction of your perfect project. 

2 / Design.

We work together to develop your design. Step by step, iteration by iteration, we make it perfect. Beauty is in the details. 

3 / Build with Confidence.

MRVN helps you find the right builder to make it real. Then we stick with you all the way through construction to make sure it all comes together perfectly. No surprises, no stress, just a great experience and a better building. 

MRVN builds healthy buildings. 

But what is a healthy building? Healthy buildings are beautiful. They're warm when it's cold out and cool when it's hot out. Healthy buildings are economical to build, but are rich in design and appearance. They don't cost a fortune to operate or maintain. They sip energy slowly. 

Healthy buildings promote your health and happiness. A healthy building is a place that you're excited to wake up in feeling refreshed and ready to have a great day. A place where you'd be excited to work because it's just an enjoyable place to be. 

A healthy building is a place that allows you to be the best version of yourself. 

Sustainability & Consulting

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Are you a property owner that is looking to reduce your environmental footprint? Are you an architect or engineer looking for assistance in designing a more efficient building? MRVN can help.



Healthy Buildings

We want everyone to be able to build a little better. Here are some great resources to check out if you're looking to build a healthy building. 

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