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Sustainability & Consulting


Sustainability & Consulting by MRVN

It's a small Earth. We all need to work together to preserve it. 

MRVN helps property owners, developers, businesses, and or quantify and reduce their environmental footprints. We help other engineers and architects build leaner, greener buildings. 


How can MRVN help you reduce your environmental footprint?

Sustainability Wayfinding

Do you want to build a better performing, more efficient building, but don' t know where to start? Contact MRVN and we'll help you get on the right path.


MRVN provides LEED administration services for architects, building managers, property managers and building owners looking LEED certify their projects in the leading green building standard.


Healthy buildings are at the core of what MRVN believes in. What better way to show your commitment to healthy buildings than to achieve certification as a WELL building. 

Passive House

MRVN assists architects, building owners, and developers in the design and construction of low-energy Passive House Buildings. 

Energy Consulting

MRVN uses dynamic energy analysis to determine assist project teams in optimizing building energy performance.

Energy Modeling

We produce ASHRAE / IECC energy models to demonstrate energy code and LEED compliance. 

Design for Daylight

MRVN performs daylight analysis to help you ensure you have a daylit space that will make your building a great building.

Net Zero Buildings

We design buildings that generate as much energy as they use. You can be a leader in the energy game. 

Water Analysis

Water is a finite resource that supports all human life. MRVN can help you make sure you're using it efficiently.

NJ Pay for Performance

MRVN helps building developers obtain incentive funding for sustainable design measures under New Jersey Clean Energy's Pay for Performance Program.

NJ CEA Benchmarking

All commercial buildings in NJ over 25,000 square feet must benchmark their energy and water use starting October 1, 2023. MRVN can help you be ready.

NYC LL97 Consulting

New York City Local Law 97 requires buildings over 25,000 square feet limit annual carbon emissions or pay steep fines. Does your building comply?

Does MRVN work with other architects & engineers?



We believe strongly in collaboration. Designing and realizing a great sustainable building is not a singular effort - it takes a team. At MRVN, our team consists of architects, engineers, and designers that have a unique skillset and passion for the creation of healthy, sustainable buildings. We're eager to share that skillset with other design practices so that they too can build better, healthier projects. If we all build a little better, we all benefit, so give us a call or shoot us an email - we'd love to build something great with you. 

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